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Social media platforms have become a daily habit for more than 3.2 billion active users worldwide. Notably, Facebook attracts 1.6 billion active users every day, with the average user clicking on 11 ads per month. As a result, advertising on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok has become a crucial aspect of any effective marketing strategy.

Have you heard the saying "If you're not on Google, you don't exist"? Our services not only increase your visibility on Google but also use the appropriate keywords, target audience, and specialized expertise to ensure consistent and profitable conversions for you and your business.

Email marketing is a highly effective and cost-efficient method to boost sales, yet often underestimated. With email campaigns, businesses can reach up to 90% of their current customer base at minimal expense. Research surveys suggest an average ROI of 3800%, indicating that the revenue generated through this marketing approach is considerably higher than the costs involved.

Varför oss?

We are professionals at what we do
Our success is the result of a combination of diligent effort, systematic goal setting, and ongoing evaluation. Our track record proves that we are among the very best in our field, and we continue to deliver outstanding results each day. We are confident that we can bring our expertise to bear in achieving your goals as well.

Long-term cooperation
Long-term collaborations are highly valued by us, as they offer us the opportunity to consistently improve the quality of our results through ongoing partnership. We strive to establish enduring and robust connections with our partners, which enable us to achieve our ultimate goal of delivering high-quality outcomes.

You and your company's goals
At the heart of our services lies the focus on delivering tangible results. We work alongside your company to optimize revenue, streamline costs, and maximize efficiency, thereby saving valuable time. Our expertise and guidance are aimed towards achieving these outcomes, ensuring that our partnership delivers significant value to your business.

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250% decreased cost per lead

250% decreased cost per lead

The marketing funnel that resulted in a 250% decrease in cost per lead and significant growth for Fondplacerarna.

From 100% ROAS to 2500% in less than 30 days

From 100% ROAS to 2500% in less than 30 days

Verktygshopen's marketing challenge was resolved by WidenMarketing's comprehensive strategy, resulting in a 2500% increase in ROAS within 30 days.

From 0-100,000 € in 17 days

From 0-100,000 € in 17 days

WidenMarketing helped Bolddesignz, a retail brand specializing in custom designs for motorcycles, overcome their advertising challenges.

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